Jess Reiche

In case you’re wondering, there are no words missing from the title. I realize that the word pumpkin is a noun but in America it seems to have become more of a verb don’t you think? The second the fall season hit the pumpkin season began. Not the physical round gourd that we pick from a patch; the artificial flavor that is added to everything in life for this brief, exclusive time. Artificial seems to describe a bit more than the flavor if you ask me.

I remember a day not so long ago when a pumpkin spice latte was a beverage. Yes it was available for a short amount of time but I don’t remember too many people fretting about it. In fact, some of us never even had an interest in ordering it and stuck with our regular coffees and shots of espresso. The pumpkin spice latte has now become a social movement, maybe even a social status. It’s an identity that people seem to have. So, no longer is pumpkin pie the thing, it’s pumpkin coffee, lattes, cereal, tea, marshmallows, candy, junk food etc. etc. etc. And these items will only be available for a short amount of time. So you MUST get it now, right?

But what if you didn’t?

This need it here, now and because I deserve it  because it’s only available for a short time is putting way too much importance on a flavor don’t you think? Now I’m not saying pumpkin spice pretzels or whatever are evil (unless you can’t have gluten of course), but letting the marketing agencies of huge corporations dictate what you’re eating, when you’re eating it, and how much money you’re wasting on it should probably be looked at.

Hey friends – let’s take a look at the choices we’re making in life (and in the grocery store) and figure out WHO is making the decisions in our lives. Are you? Is God? Is it driven by Instagram? Or is it a company who doesn’t even know who you are?

And now just because…

pumpkin spice

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