Jess Reiche


The ReWorked Classics Series

I’ve been writing for a long time and some of those words have had a lot of heart behind them.  Have you read them? Maybe…but possibly not. The sad truth is that the internet makes everything “blink and you missed it;” which means you may have unintentionally not read my favorite posts. So while I’m writing up some new ones I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite posts of the past. Sounds lazy, I know, but I promise you that they have all been re-read, re-written, and re-worked so the concepts won’t be new but some of the words will be.

I hope you enjoy them. Please comment and share on each post – I love reading your thoughts, even when you don’t agree with mine. I’ll also link all of the posts on this page so that if you’re reading this on my last day of the series, you won’t have to click back to catch them all.


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