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(Re)Worked Classics – The Pretzel

This post was published on November 14, 2012. It should be noted that I was pretty unaware of my PPD (postpartum depression) at this point but it’s now glaringly obvious. So, although this made for a good life lesson, I think I may have been a little too harsh on myself at this stage in life. Either way, I hope you all laugh and learn a little something from The Pretzel.


Every free moment I get lately, I sit on my couch. It has become my favorite place to sit and relax. And every time I sit down… I notice… it. The pretzel that fell on the floor and slid underneath the wall unit… DAYS AGO.

It’s this tiny single pretzel that can’t be seen while running around and is only visible when I’m trying to rest.

If it bothers me so much. why don’t I just pick it up?

The truth?

I have no idea.

But it has now taken me 3 days to throw it out.

3 days of no relaxation because this pretzel is staring me down. We’re in a battle somehow…and I’m pretty sure that pretzel has NO idea. It’s just me. A mental battle. A physical struggle. It’s just there…still.

The pretzel seems to represent something much bigger in my life. Of course it gets me questioning everything.

Why do I keep things in my life that shouldn’t be there? 

Why do I let little things keep me from enjoying what I want to do? 

Why do I procrastinate?

Why do I let my kid eat in the living room? (just kidding)


Please learn from my pretzel. Do something today that helps you answer these questions with the phrase “I don’t.”

I don’t keep things in my life that shouldn’t be there – I handled that.
I don’t let the little things bother me – I took a look at the bigger picture.
I don’t procrastinate – I did the thing I’ve been putting off.
I don’t let my kids eat in the living room – they now eat in the tub, or outside in their winter coats.

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