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Mystery Miscellaneous Monday: Great Music for the Family, and Shaking

My husband and I are both music lovers but our tolerance for certain kids music varies greatly. Personally, I can sing and dance to the Wiggles over and over again. I watched Hannah Montana before I had kids. I like pop music and horribly predictable beats. My husband on the other hand, starts to twitch a bit when the mention of the Children’s Songs Video is requested by our 2 year old. Maybe that’s why I’m the one that stays home and he’s the one that goes to work, getting a break from the kid entertainment world. The thing is, I’m lucky. There are MANY women and men at home with their kids who run to the other side of the house when the music and TV comes on. Today, I’m here to help.

On television, Yo Gabba Gabba was created by men who were tired of the typical preschool show and the music that goes along with it. They’re known for bringing bands the mommys and daddys like and have them play music that is simple enough for the kids to like. So in case you don’t know Gabba, here’s a sample:

Now what about kids Christian music? Seriously, even I have a hard time with it. I get that we want to train our kids up to sing songs about God and the bible but does it always have to be so….ya know. Well, I’m happy to say that the times are a-changin and Seeds Family Worship is a breath of fresh air in our house! I’m looking forward to getting the CDs but for now, their youtube channel is providing us with some great Christian music that we can all enjoy.

And now for the shaking….I’m not proud of this but I’m all about being real with people. I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift’s new music video. It’s fun but completely not what I want my children watching. This one however, is awesome. I love how unique and fun it is. And my son loves watching so many other guys that love singing and dancing too. The 2 year old dances, the 4 year old sings, the mama joins in and the daddy…well he tolerates it and loves us – pop addictions and all šŸ™‚

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