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Frugal Summer Fun Series: Theme Day

Theme day can be as creative as you let it be so put your imagination caps on and get brainstorming! The idea is to (obviously), pick a theme and surround your entire day (or half day) around it. The theme can be a favorite style of music, a movie, a show, a sport, or something generic like the circus, zoo, or even colors!

Here is a general guideline to help you get planning:

  • Pick out/make outfits to go with the theme. Take a look at ALL wardrobes, not just the kids! Kids love wearing their parents clothes or being allowed to wear literally, whatever they want.
  • Make some meals coordinate. Food coloring, the internet for easy recipes and your pantry should get some use on this one! Maybe even make a meal with the kids to make it more of a fun activity that ends in yummy food everyone will enjoy.
  • Plan activities to go along. With a quick google search you can find free computer games and coloring activity printables. Disney Movie Rewards has some great FREE printables if you pick a Disney movie theme! You can use Pinterest for fun games you can create at home or come up with some of your own!
  • Take a day trip if relevant. IE: if you picked animals, take a trip to see the cows at the farm or outside to look at birds and squirrels.
  • Take lots of pictures. Photos in themselves become an activity and why wouldn’t you want to capture the best moments of your day?
  • Invite others to join you/participate. Maybe daddy will be at work but see if he’ll add to the surprise with a fun phone call or dessert when he gets home. Ask other friends/moms to join in with their ideas and make it a playdate.
  • Make sure there is music. Nothing adds to an atmosphere like music. Plus it’s a great way to distract the kids from begging for TV.

Need some ideas? Here’s one I’ve done:

Frozen Day! Most people that have young kids have seen the movie Frozen enough to be able to plan a Frozen Day. As I said, you can get as creative as you want. Our frozen day started with Elsa Hair (thank you YouTube for tutorials), a princess crown (on Benny of course haha), and princess shoes for Charlotte. We had a normal healthy breakfast and then went to baking Frozen cookies (snowflake cookie cutter sugar cookies with homemade frosting. I literally bought nothing to do this!) To answer the question you haven’t asked yet, yes the kids helped. Yes it took a long time. And yes it was a big mess. But it took up a lot of our morning and turned out to be a lot of fun!


Once our cookies were done and cooling it was time for lunch. I don’t think we had anything special but I’m thinking Sven’s carrots were definitely a healthy side 😉 After that we decorated the room with anything blue and white and sparkly we could find and invited our neighbors over to watch the movie. While we waited we used Pandora to play a few of the songs from the movie to get in mode, aka, have a dance/singing party. Once our guests arrived we all crowded in front of the TV and enjoyed the movie together. Once it was over we all talked about our favorite characters and favorite scenes and Benny sang us Let it Go in English while our neighbors sang it in Spanish (they learned it in high school Spanish class lol). By the time we were done my little Frozen fans were beat and ready for a quiet night. It was a great time and guess what, cost me nothing.

In the past I’ve also done: Cars 2 theme including a homemade race track for our little Matchbox cars, dance music day, Cat in the Hat/Dr. Seuss day, Outdoor/Camping day, Video Game Day and Game Tournament Day.

Our next theme is probably going to be the Lego Movie. There are so many great YouTube videos on yummy Lego treats to make. And who wouldn’t want to cover their living room in Legos to build cities and towers galore? Anyone want to join us? 😉

Got an idea you want to share? Do it below!

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