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Frugal Summer Fun Series: Just Say YES!

This is the scariest idea I’ve had all summer but I have a feeling it’ll be the most fun and rewarding as well. I once read a blog post (of course I cannot find it again) about a woman who spent an entire day saying yes to her children. She let them pick everything they did that day – from the foods they ate to the activities they did (within reason). She found out a lot about what’s important to her children and how easy it could be to say yes when we habitually say no. I thought it sounded insane and fun and well, that’s a perfect combination to end the summer on a high note!

This Saturday my husband and I will be taking a deep breath and letting the kids run the day. I have a feeling sugar will be eaten and video games will be played. Beyond that – I’m looking forward to learning what’s important to my kids and learning where I could improve as a mama. In the blog I’m referencing she didn’t tell the kids they were in charge – she just said yes to everything they asked. I’m still contemplating how we’ll run our day but I’ll definitely report back on the results!

As the summer wraps up and this series as well, I hope you take a break from the back to school shopping to make some last minute family memories. Take a look at all of the frugaltastic posts in this series and try something! Let me know what you’re planning on doing – remember, your kids are only young once!

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  1. Amanda

    I like this one a lot! Jeremiah starts public school 1st grade next week and won’t be here most of the day, so I think one fun day where he gets to pick, before school starts is terrific! Hope your Saturday is fun filled

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