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Frugal Summer Fun Series: Free Live Music

Summer and Music just seem to go together don’t they? I love live music and really love when it’s free live music.

As summer is wrapping up you’ll find all kinds of end-of-summer bashes with free music. Whether it be a DJ at a library BBQ, a local cover band at a park or a unique instrumental group at a winery, with a little research and a little luck I’m sure this weekend you can find some musical entertainment.

Ways to find free music:

  1. Take a look at flyers around town and in public buildings as these events are highly advertised when done correctly.
  2. Look online at your town/county’s event calendar.
  3. Do a google search for “free music in ____”
  4. Talk to friends and family, someone always seems to know someone in a band.
  5. Ask Facebook.
  6. Check the event calendars of local artists.
  7. Check the websites of parks, public community areas and local churches.

And although the summer is coming to a close, keep in mind there is always next year for free outdoor music!

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