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Frugal Summer Fun Series: Water Fun

Nothing says summer like playing in the water – especially for kids! But what happens when you don’t have a pool in your backyard? You have to find other sources! Here are some frugal suggestions!

1 – Unless your ocean-side beach is an affordable fun day in the sun, skip it! Where I live, it takes over an hour to get to the ocean, the tolls and parking are costly, and every meal either needs to be in a cooler or from a snack stand/restaurant. The day is long and expensive by the time you’re done with it, not to mention exhausting! Instead, we opt for a local lake. Sure, we don’t get the waves and the smell and the experience of the ocean – but if you have little kids and the goal is a fun day in the sun with sand and water, these things are easy to give up! We recently went to Wilcox Lake, paid $5 for parking and brought all of our food. And ya know what? It was a great time! If you live in East Fishkill check out Red Wing Park which is for local residents only! Moral of the story: do a little research and find something cheap in your area!

2 – Skip the water park and go to a park that has water! Again, it’s not the same. There are no slides or lazy rivers but many parks have water squirting spouts or areas for water play. Locally, Bowdoin Park has a great water play area next to the huge playground. It also has grills for anyone to use and plenty of picnicking spots for you to bring your own food. The Hopewell Rec has a fairly small playground but a big sand box with water misters for fun opportunities to cool off. Look around, use your imagination. Kids won’t know it’s a lesser option if you don’t make a big deal about it – enjoy what you can afford!

3 – Find a local community pool to go swimming or make friends with a neighbor! It’s amazing what fun you can have in a pool – check around your area for options. Check your local YMCA or gym too!

4 – If you’re looking to stay home, there is a real easy solution that many people do every single day. Invite some friends over – break out the hose, sprinkler, slip-n-slide, kiddie pool, water balloons and make your own fun! Nothing is cheaper than staying home, having everyone bring something to eat and enjoying a day outside.

Summer doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun – but it does have to be creative, imaginative and done with the right attitude! Anything I missed? Suggest it below for others to read!

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