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Frugal Summer Fun Series: Intro

Well friends, it’s officially JULY 2014!


I do NOT know where the time went – but I do know where my money went! In the past year we have bought a house, a new car, a new roof for the house, a new chimney for the roof, 3 new phones (2 new, 1 repaired after mine went swimming in the toilet), and in June threw a big birthday bash for my kids. I think you see where I’m going with this intro — a big family vacation is NOT in the cards for us this year! Anyone else out there in the same boat?

Personally, I get a bit jealous as all of the pictures of big family trips start appearing on social media. This family is taking a trip across the country, this friend is going on a cruise, someone is going to DisneyWorld, another this, another that, it all starts sounding the same in my head. I hear “we’re going to have way more fun than you this summer and we’ll have the tans in August to prove it.”

Well, I’m telling those voices to SHUT UP and start listening to ME for a change.

My friends will all have better tans than I will because I’m a little white girl who BURNS after 30 minutes in the NY sun – forget about some tropical destination.

But all tans aside,

I’m set on making this an amazing summer for me and my budgeted family and I hope to encourage you to do the same.

Over the next 31 posts I will be giving you ideas on fun things you and your family can do this summer without having to dip into your savings account or break out your luggage.

It’ll be fun. It’ll be frugal. And it’ll be imaginative —

Let’s vow to have a fun, memorable summer – no matter where we are and how much money we have (or don’t have) to spend!

Will you join me? Leave me a comment below letting me know!


Here are all of the posts in this series!


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14 – Children’s Museums

15 – Cook as a Family

16 – Fun at the Mall

17 – Friday Dance Party

18 – Parks & Playgrounds

19 – Hiking Scavenger Hunt

20 – Get (real) Creative

21 – Kid Clinics

22 – County Fairs

23 – Kids Eat Free

24 – Theme Day

25 – Pick Your Own

26 – Discover a New Town

27 – Faux Camping

28 – Free Live Music

29 – Throw a Potluck Party

30 – Just Say YES!

31 – Living Beyond Summer


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  1. Amanda

    You may not be able to go on a big family vacation but you were able to buy a house, a new car, phones, and throw a b day bash 🙂 I could name a few, including myself, who would love to be in that situation. Haha.

    So far this summer, we have gone to Bowdoin park and played in the water area, walked the walkway, made home made play dough from cornstarch and conditioner, and made milk shakes. Everyday we plan on having a frugally fun filled activity!

    I look forward to getting ideas from you.

    • I hear ya – it’s good to be reminded of the blessings in life. We worked hard to accomplish those things and it’s nice to see them come to life. That’s an awesome start to summer – the kids must be having a blast!

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