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Frugal Summer Fun Series: Discount Movies Part 2

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Today we’re talking about movies at home. Now I’m going to warn you – these are not brand new ideas. But I thought it would be helpful to have a handy-dandy list of options when it’s a rainy day (or just too gross outside) and the kids are going crazy and you need an idea of what to do with them. This list is in no particular order 🙂

1- Redbox. Yes you do have to leave your house to GET the movie (remember when we always had to?) but then you get to watch the movie at home. Check online for discount codes before you go! Use their app or website to search the movies before you get there and reserve it ahead of time. Sign up for their mailing list to receive discount codes and consider trying out their streaming service!

2 – Paid Streaming Services. I just mentioned Redbox and many know about Netflix. We use Amazon Instant Video that comes with our Amazon Prime account. There is also hulu plus and I’m sure some others – see if it makes sense for your family to sign up or at least get a free trial!

3 – “Rent” a movie through Amazon or Xbox or whatever service option you have. If you have any gift cards you can usually put that towards a movie that you rent for 24 hours. We rented the Lego movie and loved it so much we watched it twice. Now that was getting our money’s worth!

4 – Take out movies from the library. Most library’s have a video area for kids and adults. You’ll have to check your library’s borrowing policy but a lot of smaller libraries do not set a limit on how many you can borrow. Looking for something specific? Check your library system’s website and request a movie to be shipped to your library for pickup. We use this option to keep from borrowing the same movies all of the time. I keep my library account bookmarked on my phone so that I can check while I’m out if the video has arrived. Sometimes I request movies for my kids without them knowing and surprise them with a quick trip to pick it up. They’re easy to please 🙂

5 – Borrow from friends and family. Seriously. I have so many movies and I’m sure you do too. But how many times can you watch the same thing over and over again? Check out other peoples collections and ask to borrow or trade a movie. I suggest setting a time limit otherwise you will lose it forever, as has happened to me in the past. R.I.P. The Baxter.

6 – Look online. I’ve found some fun free movies to watch through Hulu and even YouTube. Think outside the box.


Did I forget anything? Have any tips to share? Comment below!

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