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Frugal Summer Fun Series: Discount Movies Part 1

In the spirit of hurricanes and thunderstorms, I thought I’d cover movies in depth šŸ™‚ This post will cover out-of-the-house viewing. Part 2 will cover in-house entertainment.


When it comes to movies, there are a lot of cheaper options than your AMC full-priced tickets. Here’s a run down from cheaper to cheapest.


1 – Look at different theaters in your area. Where I live we have a few older theaters that charge less for their admission than the state of the art stadium style 16 screen theater at the mall. For my local friends, check out Lyceum, Roosevelt and New Paltz Cinemas where they offer discount Tuesday nights, Matinee prices and if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll receive free popcorn! And don’t forget about the 2nd run discount theaters like Silver Cinemas South Hills. If those big theaters are your only option, make sure to check their website for which days they offer discounts on snacks and consider joining their free membership programs for additional discounts and perks.

2 – Drive in Movie Theaters. In our area we have 2 – have you checked if you have any? The hard part is finding 2 movies everyone wants to see, but when it does happen it’s a great family night or date night! Pay 1 price for 2 movies and bring your own snacks. Some people even get there early to let the kids run around and have a picnic dinner outside.

3 – Groupons and Amazon Local Deals. Keep an eye out on the deal sites for discounted tickets. Make sure to read the fine print but for the most part – they’re convenient and easy to use. Currently there is one available here! It’s available for a few more days but doesn’t expire until September!

4 – Have you heard about Regal Theater’s $1 Summer Movie Express for kids? Click here to see if your theater is participating. If it is, they’re offering $1 10am movies for kids all summer long!

5 – Free viewings around your community. I’ve been noticing free movie screenings all over the place! Check local library event calendars as many are hosting free kid movies all summer long. I believe some are even doing movies for adults. Parks are known for doing movie nights although I don’t know of any local ones. Our church did a family movie night in the back parking lot and it was such a success they’re going to do another one later this summer! I even received a flyer telling me about a movie night hosted at a local winery – so cool šŸ™‚

The point of this is to get you thinking out of the box and find unique ways to experience the fun of watching movies outside of your living room. Got any other suggestions or events you want to share? Comment below – I’d love to hear them!

…stay tuned for Discount Movies Part 2!

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  1. Amanda

    I just checked out the $1 movies at galleria. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

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