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Frugal Summer Fun Series: 7 Eleven Week

Do you have a 7-Eleven store near you? If you do, text FREE to 711711 for a WEEK of free snacks!

Normally we eat pretty healthy and I don’t promote junk food…


it’s summer

it’s free


it’s fun.

(and unfortunately filled with gluten – sad face for my family!)


Check out their site for all of the details here!

Just to give you an idea: each day you get something free: a slurpee, a drink, M&Ms, cookies, a twinkee, an ice cream bar, and a yogurt snack bar!


Now here’s my little tidbit about it. You may be wondering how this is going to feed all of your kids and entertain them for a summer day. It’s an easy answer: it’s not 😉 So here are some suggestions on how to work this into fun ideas:

1 – Go through the list and figure out which days you’re interested in the freebie. If you live close enough, work your “7 Eleven stop” into your errands or plans for the day. It can be motivation for your kids to get through food shopping with you – they can split it or for cheap you buy an item or 2. It could be a reward for whoever finishes their chores first. Or you can be very diplomatic and let each kid pick a day that they receive the freebie.

2 – You can stop by each day to stock up your snack closet. Granted, you cannot store a slurpee – but everything else isn’t necessarily perishable and can come in handy for picnics, playdates or your own guilty pleasure.

3 – You can earn bonus hubbie points by picking up his favorite freebies and surprising him with his own special treat 🙂 How awesome would daddy feel to have his family surprise him at work with a slurpee? (Especially if he works outside in the summers!)

As with all my other posts – this can be as fun or not fun as you make it – get creative and share your ideas below!


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