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The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper Book Review & Giveaway!

*UPDATE: I feel a bit like Oprah – everyone who commented is a winner! If you did NOT receive an email from me with the book, please contact me or leave another comment below. Thanks!


It’s not a secret that my family is gluten-free. In fact, I’m pretty much known for being gluten-free. I’m also known for being a very frugal person. So when Jennifer Fugo of Gluten Free School wrote a book on being gluten-free AND frugal, I figured it would be a book I would enjoy reading. But to be honest, I was skeptical that I would learn anything. After many years dedicated to the subjects above, I was convinced this book would be a great resource to pass on to people, but not something I would personally benefit from. I was also concerned that the book would just be a bunch of articles & blog posts I’ve already read on her website – made into a book (that seems to be a thing these days).

I am pleasantly surprised to tell you that I was wrong šŸ™‚

The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper: How to Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank is a book that goes way beyond being frugal and way beyond being gluten-free. In fact, as others have also stated, this book is a great resource for ANY person trying to save a little (or a lot) of money on groceries – allergy-friendly or not. And about that blog post into a book thing — kuddos to Jennifer for producing a real BOOK with new and interesting information that is accessible and friendly to everyone.

Let’s start at the beginning (it’s a very good place to start). Jennifer covers a topic I VERY rarely, if ever, have seen spoken about in a positive light. She explains to her readers WHY gluten-free food is so expensive. As a person who went from buying organic bread to gluten-free bread I didn’t have as big a sticker shock as others have, but it’s still a gut-shocking punch to the wallet. Somehow knowing the WHY makes it a little easier to stomach. As you probably expect, some of it is definitely a marketing scheme, but there is a lot more to it that I really enjoyed learning about.

She then dives into topics that anyone can benefit from – stocking your pantry on a budget and food storage tips. I’m pretty good at knowing how to keep my food fresh but Jennifer passed on some tips that I hadn’t thought of and will be using from now on! Too much of a teaser? Well here’s an example:

“EASY METHOD FOR SAVING FRESH GARLIC: Mince an entire head of garlic and add it to a glass jar. Pour olive oil over top until the garlic is completely covered and sealed in. Cover with an airtight lid and store in the fridge up to four weeks.”

Is your mind blown? Mine is. How have I never thought to do that??


Easy, time-consuming, cheap cooking methods are scattered throughout this book and can help EVERYONE eat healthier and cheaper in the process.

For the every day person she talks about how to cook vegetables in sooo many different ways it’ll hard to get bored of vegetables. As well as details on meat, seafood, eggs, beans, grains, fruit, spices and everything else in between. There are handy-dandy guides throughout the book that will empower you to try cooking foods you may have never attempted before. She really worked hard to make healthy cooking fool-proof and I think many people will benefit from it.


Beyond the every day eater, let’s chat a little about those after my (food) heart, the gluten-free peeps.
*Jess Note: Celiac, sensitive or curious, I don’t judge – welcome to our gluten-free community šŸ˜‰ All are welcome!

Do you know why gluten-free people should think twice before shopping those increasingly popular bulk bins? Do you know why gluten-free eaters often get sick from regular oats (even though oats are technically gluten free)?Ā  Want some frugal ideas for snacks? Meals? They’re all covered!

Even though I’m an experienced meal planner I really enjoyed reading the section on meal planning and freezer cooking. There are so many different methods to plan out meals and I think there is something you can take away from each style. I think I’m becoming a bit of a broken record, but seriously, this book has everything you need without the scary, overwhelming recipes that keep you from starting in the first place.

So, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of this book and am highly recommending it to everyone. But there is a little secret I’ve been keeping from you: I’ve got 5 copies of the ebook to give away! YAY!


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*Disclaimer: This book and giveaway have been provided to me in exchange for this review. However, all opinions are my own!


Screen-Shot-2013-11-15-at-6.18.18-PM Jennifer Fugo is the founder of Gluten Free School and teaches gluten-sensitive individuals simple, savvy and empowering steps to get healthy. Living gluten-free since early 2008 after a gluten sensitivity diagnosis, she knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the cost and seemingly complicated aspects of going gluten-free. A sought-after expert, advocate & speaker about healthy, gluten-free living, Jennifer has been featured on Dr. Oz, Yahoo! News, eHow, CNN, and Philadelphia Magazine and is the author behind the ground-breaking book “The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper: How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Bank”.



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  1. Sounds like an awesome book! We are just beginning to dip our toe in to the gluten free world and are finding some yummy recipes and products!

  2. nikki

    I’d like to have a better idea how to feed gluten free friends and family and would probably also gift the book after I gleaned from it. <3

  3. nikki

    Following you on Twitter!

  4. Amanda

    I’ve been working real hard this past year to change my eating habits and exercise more. I’m learning to eat smaller portions and cleaner. I’m very interested in trying gluten free eating as well. Feeding my kids a healthy diet along with myself is important and I think I could really benefit from reading all the tips and tricks from this book šŸ™‚

  5. Lena

    I follow you on twitter!

  6. Lena

    I subscribe to your blog

  7. Lena

    I do not eat gluten free, but have a few friends/family that do and it would be interesting to learn more about it and get some frugal kitchen tips!

  8. melanie

    We’ve been gluten and lactose free for 4 months now…though my biggest challenge is keeping costs down…any tips for saving would be extremely welcome!

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