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Righteous Generosity: A Psalm Series Post

Hey friends – today I’m guest posting over at Echoes of my Heart and I’d love for you to come read what I’ve written! I’m writing based on Psalm 112 as a part of a month long series based on the Psalms. Want a little snippet? Okay, you twisted my arm 🙂


 “I believe that I’m a loving, caring and generous person who really, truly cares about helping people. But sometimes when I’m not careful, my actions and heart do not align and I find my good deeds turning into fuel for pride. Instead of having a heart for people, I develop a heart for appreciation. I start giving for the grateful look on my friend’s face. I start hosting to impress people with my amazing baking skills and the hope that people will talk about how great a time they’re having. I give people clothes but don’t warn them that with the bag of clothes comes the expectation that we’ll now be best friends forever. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but that’s how pride works. It sneaks into the good things we’re doing for others and turns them into the selfish things we’re actually doing for ourselves.”

Read the rest here!

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