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Mystery Miscellaneous Monday: Movies Lately

I love TV and movies but my range of WHAT I like is so small that I marathon what I love and then run out of entertainment very quickly. As I’ve mentioned before, I like comedies, romantic comedies, some drama, and not too much else. So with the few shows I do watch on break, I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. I thought I’d share, ya know, in case someone is in need of my recommendations 🙂


Star Wars Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back
*I mentioned in the past that I made a surprise May the 4th party for Hubbie and I. Since then, we’re slowly watching all of the Star Wars movies together. And here’s the truth: No, I’m not obsessed with the movies. Yes, I am truly enjoying them. But am I the only one that finds Leia annoying??


Enough Said
*Chris and I both enjoyed this romantic comedy. It had heart and some really cute moments. And some quirky supporting characters which is always fun.


Because I Said So
*I saw this a while ago and didn’t really like it. After watching Mandy Moore movies all through my teen and young adult years, I found it hard to watch her as this character. But now as an adult and as a mother, I really enjoyed this movie and found it a lot more relate-able and fun.


Think Like a Man
*After watching an interview with Kevin Hart I awkwardly admitted to Chris that I really wanted to see this movie. He agreed to watch it with me. We both laughed – a lot. And are looking forward to seeing the sequel 🙂


and last…but not least…


*I fought off the urge to see this movie for years as I don’t usually watch rated R movies… But the fact that some of my favorite female actors/comedians are in it and it just looked so funny made me finally cave. Chris and I laughed so hard it was well worth it. Fun times.


Happy Movie watching!! Got any recommendations you want to share? Post below! I’d love to hear them!

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