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Life As a Consigner: Preparing Your Items & Sale Floor

This post is the 3rd in my series. Make sure to read Post 1 and POST 2 first!

So now we’ve covered WHY it’s great to consign and how to get ready to be a consigner. Let’s jump right into the nitty gritty busy work that turns those adorably outgrown dresses into cash in your pocket!

Once you have all of your items and supplies, get going! My advice is to find a bulk of time to dedicate to consigning. Personally I choose 1 or 2 nights/week for about 2 months before the sale (it’ll obviously change based on how many items I have). Dedicating time to working helps me prioritize what has to get done and not be thinking about it all day trying to squeeze in a little time here and there. My method? Tuesday and Thursday nights I put on some music or a show I don’t “watch” while watching, and start inputting those items! I’m sure each system is a little different but the concept must be the same. Enter a good description for your item. Tip: Make it known if the item wasn’t used or is in perfect condition. If you get to pick your pricing – pick a price that YOU would BUY it at a sale, NOT the price you paid for it. My goal is to set it at a price that someone will buy it the first day, not wait for it to be 50% off on the last day. Tip: It’s definitely easier to enter items of the same style/category at once. Sorting through your items before entering them will save you time in the end.

After you enter your items, fold them nicely or even better – hang them immediately! If they don’t need to be washed or ironed it’s important to keep them that way until the sale. If you don’t have a place to hang the clothes, stack them neatly on hangers in a clean spot in your house.

If you’re selling toys, equipment and other non-clothing items – I suggest getting those out of the way before the clothes since (for me) they take less time to prep. Grab some disinfecting spray or Mr. Clean Erasers and clean them up! Don’t forget the cracks and hidden areas. Make sure the batteries work (where applicable), set a price, tag it and put it away – that’s it!

Work through all of your items in a way that makes sense for you. You’ll figure out a system pretty quickly and I guarantee that after a sale or 2, the amount of time and effort that you put into the sale will decrease as your profit increases.

Days before the sale, sort your items according to the categories of the sale. It’ll make placing your items out on the floor so much easier (for whoever does it). Tip: Rubber band those hangers together so they don’t get tangled in the car. Instead of big containers, bring everything in garbage bags so it’s less arm work and easier to walk around the floor putting out items (if your sale has you putting them out yourself).


Well, that’s all of my tips. I hope this has helped a few people (I know it’s a very specific audience). If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Happy Consigning!

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