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Honestly Honest

I’ve been noticing a trend in my writing lately.

I’m writing honestly – transparent to the point of thinking “oh my gosh should I really publish that for the world to read?”


It’s amazing how hard it is to be honest with people. The deepest part of our soul is such a tender and precious place that it’s very hard to let people in – even those closest to us.

But I’m finding such peace and grace when I do that I’m getting a Godly high from it.

It’s something I want to live in and experience more;

so I’m giving it a go — just being honest.

Will you join me?

I encourage and even challenge you to be honest about something with someone. No further instructions or details. You choose how intimate or frivolous. Tell your spouse the thing that’s really bothering you or tell your friend that you’re jealous of her awesome new haircut and how your hair could never do that.

Happy Friday — Happy Weekend — Happy Father’s Day — and a super-de-dooper Happy Birthday (Party) to my kiddos that are too young to even see this šŸ™‚ Saturday is our big Cat in the Hat Birthday Bash celebrating a turning of 2 and a turning of 4. And after a week of cloud and rain, I’m literally thanking God for some amazing weather that’s coming just for them! God is good šŸ™‚


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  1. Your post encourages me. I love it when someone is transparent with me. No fake stuff. No pretend stuff. Just being real. I’m glad you are writing from your “real-ness!” Thank you for encouraging us to be honest! Great post. Have a great weekend!

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