Jess Reiche

Yes, seriously. This post is a dedication to 2 completely catchy songs that are constantly stuck in my head thanks to television shows. And just in case with season finales you’re finding yourself with nothing to veg out watching, both are streaming on Amazon Instant Video and probably other places too. Unfortunately both shows are over but the glorious internet keeps these songs alive and stuck in my head.


First up, Bunheads. From the maker of Gilmore Girls comes another quirky, girly TV show with memorable, lovable characters. It didn’t last long, but it was a fun show that I’ll watch over and over again 🙂


And 2nd, Hubbie and I are new to How I Met Your Mother so we’ve been enjoying marathoning “Ted” (as we lazily call the show) every chance we get. It didn’t take long to fall in love with this song, because as I’m mentioned before, I’m still a teen at heart.


More to come, but I think that’s enough pop for you to swallow today 🙂

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