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Mystery Miscellaneous Monday: May the 4th Be With You

Well, today is May 5th. So I probably should have posted this blog LAST Monday. However, that couldn’t have happened because sometimes us girls aren’t perfect. Sometimes we forget that our wonderfully normal husbands may actually want to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th like the teenage boys they still are on the inside. So when this happens, we have a decision to make: do we shrug our shoulders, admit we forgot, and try again next year…OR…do we salvage the day with some quick thinking and easy party planning? I did the latter of the 2 and I hope you would do the same…or really surprise him with a Star Wars Day next weekend šŸ™‚ I bet a few days late is better than not at all to him.

Yesterday around 2pm I got my act together. I ran to Best Buy and picked up the Trilogy box set, made some Wookiee Cookies, ordered pizza and cozied up for a night of Star Wars. It was easy and fun and quite a success. But planning something in advance is a bit more my style.

Hubbie not into Star Wars? Well, then you didn’t miss yesterday’s cue did you? Lucky! But maybe you have “misjudged” other important non-calendar dates in the past. May I challenge you to make it up to him? Throwing together something special for your guy really doesn’t take much time or money as long as it has heart šŸ™‚

OR, you could take notes from The Big Bang Theory and start planning for next year like I’m doing šŸ˜‰


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