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The Power of an Ordinary Story

Today I had plans to write my own original post, like I usually do. But God had other plans.

I woke up to this blog post from Incourage in my feed and well, I needed every word of it. It speaks to everything I feel on a daily/weekly/monthly basis lately. And I figure if someone can write a post that fits so well into the empty spots in my heart and mind, maybe it was meant for you too. So today I share this post from the Incourage blog. I hope it speaks to you as well.

Apr 17 2014
If we don't have both your story and my

As I finished the book, I breathed a contented sigh. It was such a well-written memoir of an extraordinary life. As I reflected on it, I felt inspired to share my story, because if her life story spoke so personally to me – maybe, just maybe, someone else needs to hear mine.

But my story feels ordinary in contrast to those who impact the masses. I have not traveled the world. I have not been a keynote speaker. I am not a best-selling author. I have less than 50 twitter followers. But, what if there is power in this standard story, this common life? The narrative of a 30-something brunette living with her family, in the Midwest alongside her Amish neighbors. Filling her days with homeschooling four kids, ministering with Hubby, blogging, and dreaming. Repeat.

The message of our culture seems to be “You are valued if you are the best.” Top athletes, singing competition winners, and award-winning actors are among the most celebrated in our society. But, maybe we have it backwards. What if your best is ranking 25 out of 100? What if your best is slowing down to really listen to a hurting friend? What if your best is laughing with your kids instead of shooing them out of the kitchen?

Sometimes I underestimate the value of ordinary stories…but upon closer examination, they are not really ordinary at all. Like my childhood friend who is a single mom juggling a full-time career, getting a Master’s Degree and raising her young son in the process. Or like my younger friend who is shining bright in ministry. I once mentored her, but now she is teaching me how to minister more effectively.

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