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Mystery Miscellaneous Monday: Honest Company

DISCLAIMER: When I started this blog I promised myself that I wouldn’t use affiliate links and post product reviews unless I felt absolutely truly passionate about the items I’m promoting. The truth is, I’m no where near the point of making any “real” money so if I wouldn’t recommend the product to you in person, then I won’t post about it either. So you can know that posts about companies and products are REALLY items I use and love, not promotions by companies that might not have your best in mind. The links below are affiliate links (I receive a credit if you make a purchase using my link), but that is not why I’m posting this blog.


If you haven’t heard of The Honest Company yet than let me get you up to speed. It’s a company started by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan a few years ago. The company was started based on the fact that it’s near impossible to find toxin-free, clean, environmentally friendly (and cute) baby products that are available for anyone to buy without costing a crazy amount of money. There is a lot more information on their website but what caught my attention was the fact that they had products for the whole family that are free of: phthalates (DEHP, BBP, DBP, DMP, DEP); PVC; formaldehyde; alkylphenols; benzene; TEA (Triethanolamine); MEA (Monoethanolamine); parabens; phosphates; chlorine; chlorinated or brominated solvents; ceteareth 20; polyethylene glycol (PEG); resorcinol; bronopol; quaternium 15; nanoparticles; triclosan; sulfur oxides; organohalides; hexavalent chromium; DMDM hydantoin; organophosphate pesticides; 1,4 – dioxane; SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates); optical brighteners; mineral oil; petrolatum; BPA (bisphenol-A); a-chlorotoluene

Don’t know what any of that means? Well the truth is, these chemicals are in most products you’re probably putting on your skin and in your house. Doesn’t it make you a little nervous that you DON’T know what any of these chemicals are and yet we trust them?

Honestly, I didn’t think much about this until recently. Although I’ve been set on organic and gluten-free products for a long time, my idea of being healthy started and ended with just food. But a few months ago my nutritionist tested my body and found a crazy amount of issues including digestion problems, chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and irritants that were throwing off my intestines, liver, hormones and thyroid. For the first time, I started to believe that organic food might not be enough. So I looked at my shampoo, conditioner, face wash, dish detergent, lotions, laundry detergent etc. etc. and found that even the products I thought were GOOD for me (ahem, Simple products), contained the same chemicals the cheap companies did. So instead of freaking out (haha, of course I freaked out), I took out The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You from my library and literally read it cover to cover in a week. And then referenced it day after day (it was that good and easy to read and refreshing). Convinced I could be doing this better for me and my family, I spent the whole $5.95 to get a sample of their baby bundle and essentials bundle.

The diapers and wipes were cute and good but to be honest (haha), I just couldn’t justify spending $80/month on diapers when I’ve been using Amazon Mom to get them cheap for years. There are definitely people out there who will disagree with this but to each their own 🙂 I easily called the company and they cancelled my subscription to the baby bundle with no problems or arguments. The Essentials Bundle included samples of the Shampoo + Body Wash, Hand Soap, Healing Balm, Face + Body Lotion and Laundry Detergent (although now they changed it to Multi-Surface Cleaner). The lotion was okay and the hand soap as well but the rest I was SOLD on. The Shampoo and Body Wash is gentle and smells great and gets my hair as clean and nice as any chemical product. The healing balm is GREAT for diaper rashes AND my cracked winter feet. The laundry detergent works great and the amount you need is so little that it’s lasting a very long time. Since then I’ve also been using the Dishwasher Gel (which works better than any other natural one I’ve tried), the hair conditioner is awesome, the bathroom cleaner works great and smells minty fresh, the kids toothpaste flavor is great AND doesn’t contain sulfates unlike some other “natural” ones do. I also ordered the trio of lip balms and my daughter and I use them routinely 🙂 Each time I order a bundle I try a new product or two and re-order what I’ve run out of.

Now the truth is, if you’re an avid couponer or store brand junkie, these products will seem expensive. But if you’re trying to do better for your family and can afford to spend a little more, these products are so worth it (plus they get shipped to your house when YOU choose). I love that I no longer have to try a bunch of different brands to see what actually works and each bundle I can pick and choose what I’d like to receive.

If anything, I recommend at least trying the free trial. I really had no interest in this company or a monthly (or longer) subscription service, especially at $35 + shipping/month but when I tried the products and discovered how great they are, I found a little room in the budget to make it work – and it really is worth it.


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