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Life As a Consigner: Getting Started

If you haven’t read the first post in this series click here first!

As I mentioned, I’m a regular consignor at Be Green Sale. It has 3 locations: Dutchess County NY, Westchester County NY and Portsmouth RI and they occur for a few days twice per year. Don’t live anywhere near those but interested in consigning somewhere? Take a look at Consignment Mommies – you can find sales, stores, tips and so so much more about consigning!

Each sale has different rules and guidelines so I can only go on my experience at Be Green Sale, but I would think these tips could help anyone.

First, as your kids outgrow clothes – clean them, fold them, and put them in a special “to consign” area. Not only will you know exactly what you have to consign but it’ll be in good condition and some kind of order by size and season.

Sign up for the mailing list/newsletter of the sale you’re interested in participating in. Also add them on social media. The second spots to consign become available, sign up! Spots are always open to past consigners first so you have no idea how many “new” spots are open. Grab one and if it doesn’t work out, you can always drop out of the sale later. Be Green has no penalty for doing that.

After signing up, read through your contract and welcome emails thoroughly. The more you know and understand, the easier the process will be. You’ll be receiving helpful emails and tips from them throughout the consigning season so try not to hound them with questions right away – you may need to bug them a lot later 🙂

Sign into your consigner account and look around. If they have consigner drop off spots open already, sign up for what works best in your schedule. Many sales need you to actually register for a specific time to drop off your items – make sure you get one you want – again, no harm in doing it early!

Think you might want to earn some extra money by volunteering? See if they’re doing sign ups for volunteers yet. I promise, those spots GO QUICKLY. Again, if you end up having to back out you can with no penalty. Also keep that in mind — spots that might not be available when you look will possibly open up again if someone has to back out. Check the site periodically if there is something you want to do (especially when it’s close to the sale and things are constantly changing). Tip: Think outside the box! Personally I’ve found it very hard to give up 4 hours on a night or weekend to work at the sale but I’ve loved taking the “flyering” jobs. They mail you a box of flyers and your job is to go around town promoting the sale – a perfect job for a stay at home mom with little kids!

Still with me? Now on to the actual work!


Go around your house and look for those items! Check out the “we accept and do not accept” list of your sale and get some ideas. Of course you’re thinking clothes and toys. Go through those book cases for books not read anymore. Empty the corners of the toy box and closets. Extra baby/kid hangers? Consign them. Socks? yup. Shoes, Slippers, Sandals? Extra packs of diapers that are outgrown? Bedding/Blankets? Adorable baby gift sets never opened? Picture Frames? Lamps? “Kid Food” Cook Books? Parenting books? Extra diaper bags? Wipes cases/travel items? Hats and sunglasses? Beach items? Unused sippy cups or utensils? Baby Bath tub and high chair? The swing the baby hated? Movies/Videos they don’t watch anymore? Baby music cds? Use your imagination. Tip: Think about what YOU would look for at the sale. If you saw a unique item would you buy it? Then sell one! Tip: Something not on either list? Ask them! I’ve entered many items into the sale that were specially approved by the organizers.

Collect your supplies! It’s easier to get things done if you have everything you need at your fingertips. Many sales require you to use wire hangers. You COULD order them but I’ve found local dry cleaners are actually happy to give them to you for free! Put on a smile, go to a tiny place not far from your house and ask them. Tip: DO NOT ask during a busy time. Go when it’s empty and they’re calm and happy. Explain that you’re doing a local kids consignment sale and wonder if they have any cheap wire hangers they’d be willing to give you, or sell you. I’ve been getting hangers from the same shop for years and she’s more than happy to help – in fact, she’s become a shopper and consigner as a result of it! Then hit up a dollar store or discount store and get some cheap gallon sized baggies for items that don’t hang. You’ll also need safety pins for hanging pants on hangers. I’ve found the cheapest way is to shop Art & Craft Stores. Tip: A.C. Moore and other stores put out weekly coupons for 40 or 50% off a regular priced item. Use that coupon on cheap, regular priced safety pins – a 100 pack costs me about $3 and lasts me the whole sale. If this is your first sale you may want to buy extra and use them to hang your tags. After that, I HIGHLY recommend a tagging gun. It cuts your tagging time down by…well, a lot. Note that the gun takes A LONG time to come in if you order it overseas so order early!!


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  1. Amanda

    I’m planning on doing the fall sale with be green. Currently going through toys and clothes and will be storing everything at my mils house until september . thanks for the tips

    • awesome! It definitely takes some time so getting started early is a great decision. I’ll be writing a 3rd post soon about how I’ve found works fastest. Hope it’ll help you – I definitely had a large learning curve as I didn’t know anyone who consigned when I got started

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