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I Want to Hold Your Hand

Holding hands is the first big step in any juvenile relationship (at least when I was a kid). You could smile and flirt and pass notes all you wanted, but when you walked down the hall holding hands with that special person, it meant something. It was the outward acknowledgement that you were both on the same page. That those little butterfly feelings in your belly were mutual and neither of you were afraid to tell the world all about it. Holding hands spoke loudly.

Holding hands is not just for kids skipping outside or preteens conveying their love. It can’t be, the Beatles sang about it 🙂

Do you hold your kids hands besides to help them walk across the street or shopping in a public place? Do you hold hands with your significant other for no special reason? Do you hold hands with your friend as she tells you something personal?

Holding hands is a powerful way to communicate a love you might not be able to express in words.

Believe it or not, not every day is smiles and bubbles around here with a preschooler and toddler. Sometimes I lose my patience. Sometimes I say things I wish I hadn’t. Sometimes I really wish my kids were in some kind of program where I got a break from them (don’t judge!). But I’ve found the miracle to changing those things – holding their tiny little hands. Whether it be while watching Blue’s Clues for the 5th time or just walking down the hallway – grabbing on to their little hands makes them smile, and it makes me smile too.

Believe it or not, not every day is smiles and giggles around here with my husband. Sometimes I feel unimportant. Sometimes I feel overlooked. Sometimes I get thoughts in my head that shouldn’t be there. Sometimes I get annoyed by the little things. But the miracle to many of those negative thoughts and doubts? Grabbing his hand unexpectedly and seeing how tight he squeezes my hand in return. More often than not, a smile comes along with it that melts all of my insecurities away.

Believe it or not, not every day is smiles and happiness around here when friends come to visit. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to be around people (hello introverts!). Sometimes I don’t really want to hear about what they are going through (I know, ouch, but we’ve all been there). Sometimes I wish I didn’t have friends that wanted to tell me intimate details of their lives so that my brain could rest. Their worries become my worries since I love my friends and really do want them to have amazingly happy lives. But the miracle to all of those selfish thoughts is – you guessed it – holding their hand (or just some kind of physical contact/eye contact). We need to get out of ourselves and show our friends how much we care about them. That what they’re feeling isn’t crazy. That we’re there for them and are a safe place. And do you know what happens when you put yourself aside for your friend? All of those little things you were feeling before quickly melt away as your spirit and heart connect with a friend in need.

Why is this post so important to me? Because I’m NOT a physical touch type of person. I like my space. I love my bubble. I really truly forget to touch/kiss/hug etc etc because it’s really not my love language. So for me and those who can relate to these statements, holding hands is a huge step in showing love. It takes us out of our comfort zone. It washes away the selfish thoughts and helps us to let go of the little things that don’t really matter in relationships.

Need a way to change how you’re feeling? Give it a try. Stop everything, and hold a hand.

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