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Great Deals at Staples!

Until recently the idea of going to multiple stores for different deals just seemed like too much work. Dragging 2 kids in and out of stores throughout the week just didn’t seem worth it. However, when you tell me that the store I’m driving right by will give me free paper for my printer that is out of paper…I start second guessing my laziness.

Staples has a great deal that I think you’ll love because it means FREE paper!

paper<– This paper (Staples Multipurpose 8.5″ x 11″) will ring up $3.80 if you bring this coupon.

You’ll then receive a form to mail in to receive a check for $3.80 making the paper completely free! Even better, you can submit the rebate online using this form!



I’m not the type of person to post about 1 good find, it’s just too much work (gosh I sound lazy today!) But you see, while I was at Staples I found AMAZING clearance prices that I had to share with you. The table at the entrance of the store was loaded with LeapPad goodies, iPad cases and various other things. Each item was on clearance and was actually 50% off of those clearance prices! (Didn’t find that out until we got to the register.) Remember, each store is different so I don’t know if yours will have these, but check out what I scored for my little girl!


LeapPad Carry Case: originally $17.99, marked $2.00, rang up $1!

Phineas and Ferb Leap Frog Game: originally $24.99, marked $4.00, rang up $2!

I Spy Leap Frog Game: originally $24.99, marked $4.00, rang up $2!


Total paid today: $9.52

Rebate coming to me: $3.80

Total savings after rebate: $70.04!


Now the truth is, I wouldn’t have paid $76 for all of this because I didn’t NEED all of this. I would have went to Shop Rite or Walmart and got some paper for a bit over $3 and been done with it…but for an extra $3 I thought it was worth getting 2 games and a case for my LeapPad lovin daughter. Now if I was only *a little* smarter, I would have hidden the games for her birthday and really saved us some money! Oh well, we learn a little each day 🙂

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