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Muffin Disaster turned YUM!

I would love to say that everything I make comes out awesome. But the truth is, about 20% of the recipes I try end in disaster. Case in point, this morning these were my carrot cake muffins:


YIKES Right??

Was it the recipe’s fault? Not really. The recipe said to fill the muffin tin all the way and well, I should have looked at the picture to see what “full” meant – because mine were way too high and resulted in leaking over the edges and into my oven. All. Over. The. Place.

The oven started smoking, so I opened the door and of course, the muffins went from full and rising to imploded disasters. After 40 minutes of baking I called the game and pulled the muffins.

Normally I would throw them out and give the kids cereal…but I had no cereal, or granola, or anything quick and easy – so I got creative. I wiped away my daughter’s tears (she really wanted those muffins haha) and sent the kiddos to watch TV while mommy spent 10 minutes reinventing breakfast.

The “muffins” were under baked on the inside and over baked on the outside, but to my surprise, still tasted pretty yummy! So I scooped out the middles and threw them in bowls (thank goodness for no eggs in the recipe). I then pulled out some frozen yogurt cubes I made yesterday and let the yogurt melt into the muffin mush.



A quick stir and breakfast was served…


I have no name for this yummy dish but seeing as both of my kids BEGGED for 2nds, maybe it should have a name! I like carrot cake muffin mush bowl but that just seems a bit too long šŸ˜‰

Moral of the story? Sometimes something awesome can come from a messy disaster – and I don’t just mean with baking!



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