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Hot Coffee

My husband is going to laugh at the title of this post because lately we’ve been joking about the reference to “hot coffee” in 90s sitcoms. For those of you unaware, coming upstairs for a cup of hot coffee is a reference to sex, not a warm beverage in a mug.

I’m just going to tell you now — this post is not about *winka winka* hot coffee.


Some of you are new readers of mine and some of you are old so let me tell you something quickly to get everyone on the same page – I’m a stay at home mom to 2 energetic kids. A 3 1/2 year old girl and a 16 month old boy. Besides the rare treat of a coffee shop coffee, it’s very rare I get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. To some this may not be a big deal, but I LOVE coffee. (Got a second? Watch this funny Gilmore Girls clip about coffee…it’s pretty much how I feel lol: So to go 4 1/2 years without consistent hot coffee is my loving sacrifice as a mother. I know it sounds dramatic but I daily have to put down that cup of coffee I JUST brewed to change a diaper, clean up a spill, help with the potty, turn on a video, break up a fight, kiss a boo-boo or give a silly voice to a princess doll. Can you relate? I bet you can. And if you don’t have kids, I bet you can still relate to interruptions and putting down something you love for something that has to be more important.


Well, today I brewed a hot cup of coffee, sat down and took a sip within seconds of its appearance. I didn’t even realize what I was experiencing until I smelled that beautiful hot coffee aroma as the liquid came millimeters away from touching my lips. I inhaled and grinned over this tiny little moment in my day that just made everything all better. I had a morning of screaming, temper tantrums, hitting and meals gone to waste but this simple moment of personal joy triumped and gave me exactly what I needed for 10 more rounds of “not the greatest day.”


As moms we sometimes put so much energy and focus on “me time” and then get so disappointed when it doesn’t happen that we begin to secretly resent our kids a little. Sure we love them, but we all have moments where we throw our own temper tantrum and complain that we never get our alone time. That it’s never about me. That the kids (or pets/boss/spouse) always have to come first. That we can’t..we can’t…we can’t. Well, the truth is, sometimes we have to drop our expectations a bit in order to finally say “I can.” Maybe that day at the spa and weekend away with my husband are years away, but a perfect steaming cup of coffee? I think that could happen every day. Sure, I may have to throw out 4 cups of lukewarm coffee before getting it – but I can find “me time” every single day if I look for it.


Maybe coffee means nothing to you and I sound like a crazy person. But I challenge you to find that SMALL, POSSIBLE “me time” fix and figure out how to get it. Maybe it’s 20 minutes of reality TV. Maybe it’s a page in a book. Maybe its the scripture of the day on your phone while you hide in the bathroom for 30 seconds. Maybe it’s making a to-do list of every single thing you have to do today and crossing off something you do effortlessly (i.e.: showering, getting dressed, turning on the dishwasher). I challenge you to set yourself up to WIN. However it looks in your life, make a decision to find accomplishment for yourself and appreciate it as it happens.


I’d love to hear what your ME TIME thing is. Obviously mine is coffee 🙂 What’s yours? Share in the comments, maybe it’ll give someone an idea!


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  1. My me time is trying to drink a cup of hot tea (or wine if its after the kids go to bed) while watching an episode of “how I met your mother” on my kindle.

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